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Fit for the future

...with our multi-channel-strategy.

We cater to the market through four equal and mutually supportive sales channels: field agents, mobile service technicians, telephone sales and our B2B eSop. Our customers can order goods in line with their specific needs.

Digital systems play an important role in our everyday work and all sectors of the company. They enhance our performance and productivity, help us to optimise the use of resources and improve our work conditions and processes. Major parts of our sales processes have already undergone a digital transformation, a process in which our employees were strongly involved.

„We will remain a family-owned business!”

In October 2016, Simone Lang, daughter of the company's founder Wilhelm Lang, became the managing partner of the group of companies. As a result, the strategic leadership of our business remains in the hands of the founder's family. 

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Together with Heribert Bertram, Managing Director (COO) of the LANGGROUP, the top management continues to keep the company on a future-oriented growth path.

„We assume responsibility and embrace traditional values.” This is the motto of the TECHNOLIT GmbH management team. Constant and healthy growth has been an important factor for the company since its very beginnings. Financial strength, a high level of independence as well as long-term and sustainable success are what the management considers as its responsibility for the future. 



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