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TECHNOLIT flip catalogue

Browse, search and find...

Browse through our current flip catalogue and benefit from many features that turn the flip catalogue into an interactive experience. Starting with a search for exact item numbers, a simple function for downloading and forwarding pages, to interactive elements such as embedded YouTube films or direct links to our e-shop.

Overview of the functions:

  • To browse through the catalogue, use the arrow buttons on the left and right of the document.
  • The tile icon (lower left area) opens a page overview.
  • Use the magnifying glass to search for a specific item. It will show you all of the instances of the search word within the catalogue.
  • The upward-pointing arrow can be used to share the catalogue link, including by e-mail.
  • The downward-pointing arrow activates the download function. You can download all of the pages or only the page on the left or right.
  • The dashed square provides access to a zoom slider. It can be used to zoom in or out.
  • The X-shaped arrows activate the full screen mode. To exit the full screen view, click the button again or use the ESC key.
Click here for our flip catalogue