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Environmental protection as our commitment

For us, the protection of the environment not only means to minimise the impact on our community and environment, but also to open up new markets and market segments by way of innovative and sustainable products and processes.

Economic success and environmental protection have long been seen as mutually exclusive and people were convinced that it was hardly possible to combine the two concepts in harmony. However, recent years have proved us wrong and have shown that environmental protection and economic activities actually can be reconciled. 

In our quality and environmental policy, we always take the economic and ecological aspects into account and align our actions accordingly. In addition to the quality of our products and services, we check the products we sell for all environmentally relevant aspects and try to minimise any potentially harmful effects. We apply processes for ongoing improvement to increase our product quality and to meet the growing demand of the market in the future.

We attach great importance to the economical and careful use of natural resources, from the product development phase to the disposal or recycling of our products. We promote a sense of environmental responsibility of our employees through corresponding training and instruction. We are convinced that motivated and well-informed employees contribute to the implementation and observance of our quality and environmental policies and are committed not only to maintaining the standard we have achieved, but also to continuously raising the bar.

The careful use of natural resources and a sustainable management concept are part of our strategic corporate objectives and important for our long-term, stable economic development.

We work together with GVÖ (Gebinde-Verwertungsgesellschaft der Mineralölwirtschaft mbH).

GVÖ is a community of 40 shareholders and over 180 licence partners. As a recycling company, GVÖ provides nationwide collection and environmentally sound recycling of used, empty cans, canisters and drums. The pick-up service is currently only valid in Germany.

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