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Social commitment is a matter of utmost importance to us

… which is why we are involved in numerous different projects.

Soziales Engagement - Antonius Netzwerk Mensch

antonius – Netzwerk Mensch

Work is an essential part of people's life. This is also true for people with disabilities. Work provides room to develop one's personal potential, makes people more self-confident, ensures social recognition and enhances our dignity as humans – this is the credo of antonius - Netzwerk Mensch in Fulda.

We are pleased to support this centre for the disabled and ensure a steady flow of work for their Antoniusheim workshops with a workforce of approx. 250 people in numerous different areas.

Soziales Engagement - Caritas

Caritas Werkstätten

TECHNOLIT has used the workshops of Caritas Werkstätten for many years, thereby sustaining a variety of jobs at the facility. The general concept of Caritas Werkstätten focuses on enabling people with physical or mental disabilities to participate in all aspects of society, including in work and education. In this context, an important prerequisite is a wide a range of work opportunities in various production and service sectors. We are pleased to support and contribute to the success of this project.

Soziales Engagement - Johannes Diakonie Mosbach

Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach

Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach, with several locations throughout Baden-Württemberg, focuses on providing individual, tailored support and assistance for people with disabilities based on their specific skills with the overall goal of integrating them in the general labour market. The workshops of this institution offer a total of 2,000 workplaces requiring a varying degree of skills and qualifications. Every location is specialised in providing a specific set of services. We are pleased to support Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach which provides us with valuable services in the picking and packaging sector. 

Soziales Engagement - Perspektiva

Perspektiva gGmbH

Today, finding a job is increasingly difficult for students of special needs schools or those with a lower secondary education level. The complex requirements of today's working world often present insurmountable obstacles for these young adults. In this context, Perspektiva, an association for the promotion of work and life, was founded in 1999. 

It focuses on the integration of young adults into today's world of work. To date, more than 100 businesses are part of Perspektiva, offering young people the opportunity to gain experience and find a job. TECHNOLIT GmbH is an associate of Fördergemeinschaft für Arbeit und Leben "Perspektiva".

However, our help is not limited to providing financial support. Some of the young people from this project work at our company (e.g. as temporary help for specific projects while others are permanently employed).

Soziales Engagement - Deutschlandstipendium


Two things are important for successful academic studies: talent and solid financial backing. This is why, as a member of the support association Freunde und Förderer der Hochschule Fulda, we sponsor one student during their time at university. The selected student receives a scholarship of 300 euros per month over one year. The costs are shared equally by the federal government and TECHNOLIT GmbH.

On 19 April 2012, we founded the association "Freunde und Förderer der Hochschule Fulda" together with other representatives from the industrial and business sector, political sphere and university. The intention is to provide long-term support to the university and its research and teaching facilities so that highly skilled graduates can be recruited by our regional businesses. As a member of the association, we provide one student per year with a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Supporting talented university students regardless of their own or their parents' income is the fundamental concept of this scholarship programme. When selecting the scholarship recipients, the focus lies on academic achievements, social commitment and personal achievements. Our goal is to recognise the achievements of young people with smart minds and to assist them in jump-starting their careers.

Soziales Engagement - Netzwerk Schulen

Förderverein Netzwerk Schulen – fit für die Ausbildung e.V.

Numerous apprenticeship positions remain vacant although companies are desperately searching for qualified trainees. Förderverein Netzwerk Schulen – fit für die Ausbildung e.V. is an association of schools and businesses in the Fulda region which focuses on improving the career chances of young people as well as on creating a comprehensive offer for all lower secondary school leavers in the region.

The Netzwerk Schulen project provides professional knowledge and strives to enhance the social competence of the students. This increases their critical faculties and acceptance of criticism, and it also bolsters their self-confidence which is important later on in their working lives. It also helps them to feel comfortable with starting an apprenticeship. The participating students have invested time beyond the scope of their school routines in order to learn more than their fellow students. They demonstrate tenacity which makes them interesting prospects for enterprises.

For many years, TECHNOLIT has been supporting the Netzwerk Schulen project not only financially, but also by offering students the opportunity to partake in an internship or visit the company in order to get to know the different apprenticeships better.

In addition, we exempt our own employees from their work duties during periods when they volunteer as firefighters or members of emergency services, e.g. Malteser Hilfsdienst or the German Red Cross. We also assume social responsibility in helping young people starting their careers. In this context, we offer internships for students and other young adults. 

We also have a long-standing commitment to sport sponsorships and have been involved with regional soccer steams, a high-ranking table tennis team and regional riding tournaments and events. In addition, we sponsor events held by local kindergartens and schools. 

We are well aware of our role as one of the largest employers in our region and would like to have a strong, positive impact on our community based on our social commitment.



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